How to get to the Cinquantenaire

In order to facilitate your travel, we strongly advise you to take public transport STIB, TEC, De Lijn and SNCB. You may buy a Mobib ticket in advance if you are a group.

 All the latest information on the website of the police:

If you come by car, please park at one of the large parkings around Brussels. The easiest locations are shown on our map, there are parkings in Kraainem (E40) and Delta (E411).

You can then take the metro 1 “GARE DE L’OUEST” or 5 “ERASMUS” and get off at  “MERODE”. This will allow you to get to the start in a few minutes. STIB will reinforce the security and traffic flow control at “Merode” station. We recommend that you buy your tickets in advance. There will be one entry to go IN the station merode and one entry to EXIT the station Mérode. 

At the arrival of the race, the access to the Merode station will be: 

  • Access 1 and 4 (side Parc du Cinquantenaire) : ENTRY to the station
  • Access 7 and 8 (side Merode train station, avenue de Tervuren towards square Montgomery) : EXIT from the station
  • Access 2 and 3 are closed!

To facilitate movement in the station, please follow the guidelines of the STIB agents present !

If you arrive by train, you have the choice between two options. If your train stops at “Brussels-Schuman” or “Brussels-Central”, you can take the metro 1 “STOCKEL” or 5 “HERRMANN – DEBROUX” and get off at “Merode” and follow the people flow to the start.

If you live within Brussels or the Brussels Region, you can simply use the suburban train “S-Train”. More information:

If your train stops at “BRUSSELS-MIDI” we advise you to take metro 2 direction  “SIMONIS-ELISABETH”. Get off at the “ARTS-LOI” station and take the metro direction “STOCKEL” or “HERRMANN – DEBROUX”.

If you travel with the bus “De Lijn” or “la TEC” you can also join “MERODE” with the lines 1 and 5, or by metro at “ARTS-LOI” lines 2 and 6.

If you want to support your champions, various easy options exist. The “20km of Brussels” and the “STIB”, “de Lijn”, “la TEC” and the “SNCB” encourage you to be environmentally friendly and take the public transport!





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icon-busPublic Transport

The Cinquantenaire can be accessed via

metro-1 metro-5


bus 27 61 bus  bus 80


tram 81


Your train will stop at :





Then use the Brussels public transport


If you travel by car we strongly advise you to park in the parking lots around Brussels. The easiest parkings near public transport are located in Kraainem (E40) and Delta (E411).

Public transport are available to travel to “MERODE”.


Your plane will have as destination:
Bruxelles – Zaventem


A train “Brussels Airport Express” and bus await you to get to the center